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The Rudies Reviewed.
23 Mar 2011

The Rudies have received a stellar review by Jamie Anderson of !!!!

“A reggae band from Kentucky? Well why not? They’ve opened for The Wailers and that’s more than enough cred. Not to mention the tight reggae rhythms from the drums and guitar and singable lyrics that stay with you a long time. “Wrap Yo Head” is a fun party song. The guitar is out front, laying down a great groove. “Rice and Beans” is a smokin’ instrumental, sometimes with a harmonica – giving it a rootsy feel – and other times, with a Hendrix-like guitar, giving it more of a rock vibe. “No Justice” is in a style that sounds more like the reggae I know with call and answer type lyrics and that strong back-beat reggae is so famous for. I’m not sure I understand the repeated lyrics though – it sounds like the singer is saying “There ain’t no justice as just us.” Still, it’s a good song and would be great in a crowded bar with a cold one in my hand”.


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