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The successful movie “Who pays the Hitman” is everything but a waste of time. Now available on Amazon Prime for the USA and UK !!!
30 Jul 2018

Remember this movie’s name: Who pays the Hitman. A 2010 movie written by Andrew Hartley, directed by Rod Milner and starring mainly Shalane Connors and Matthew Burke, Who pays the Hitman has been produced by Bondiwood Films and distributed by Planet Blue Pictures US.

This comedy/drama movie is the story of a doctor, two patients, a priest and an assassin, who are all thrown together in the emergency room of a hospital one late Saturday night. The Hitman slowly reveals his purpose but due to the law of patient confidentiality, and the priest’s vows, they can’t say or do anything. Moral and ethical dilemmas are intensified when a badly mutilated prostitute is brought in by the man responsible for her condition. He must be stopped. Will the doctor and the priest sacrifice everything they believe in to call upon the right man for the job that is in the room with them? If only it were that simple; the Hitman has ethics too.

Killing for free would make him nothing more than a common murderer.

This movie has encountered success several time as it was the Winner of the Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival US in 2011, then was nominated in the category ‘Best Narrative Feature’ at the Macon Film Festival in 2011 and also won the Honorable Mention in 2012 at the Sunset Film Festival Los Angeles.

Do not hesitate anymore and run to watch it!

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