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The Twitch are busy lately
07 Apr 2010

The Twitch have been busy and lately. Here is the latest news instalment. ” Joe & friends went to the Railway Club in Vancouver, BC, on April 3rd, to see Rocky Mountain Rebel Music & Fuzzcat. Steve & Paul went to the Railway Club on April 5th, to see the Hard Rock Miners Sing-along. Mike was Twitchin` for Tots Sunday at the local Neighbourhood House where he was flippin’ dogs for those hungry little Easter Egg Hunters. Gene Greenwood of Farting Puppy Productions, is in the process of finishing off 5 videos by The Twitch.  Check out the 3 that are done. Check out, Lies, Lies, Lies, Two Broken Hearts & Starmaker. The Twitch have busy rehearsing for their show this coming Thursday, April 8th, 10pm at Pub 340 in Vancouver, BC.  If you are in the vicinity, get the itch, that is Rock ‘n’ Roll & The Twitch!!! If you need to Twitch and scratch that itch then you can always find out where and when to do that by visiting the Twitch’s website at

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