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The Twitch - Freak Flag and April Madness
07 Mar 2012

If anyone knows how to work hard, it’s the band members of The Twitch. April is looking to be not only a busy month – but a crazy one!

They are currently preparing for their “Freak Flag USA Tour”  which will easily bring back 60’s/70’s rockstar nostaglia. Fans can expect to hear their classic rock sound emanate from the stage, and their raw energy spread through the crowd like wildfire – as per usual.

Tour dates so far include:

  • Poggie’s Tavern, Seattle, Washington – April 19,Thursday, 2012
  • Cabin Tavern, Bellingham, Washington – April 20, Friday, 2012
  • The Mix, Seattle, Washington – May 12, Saturday, 2012
  • Laughing Ladies Cafe, Seattle, Washington – May 26, Saturday, 2012
  • C And P Coffee Company, Seattle, Washington – June 30, Saturday, 2012

Leading up to the tour, The Twitch are currently working on a music video for their song “Freak Flag”, from the lastest album “Let Your Freak Flag Fly”.  While The Twitch don’t want to give too much away, but they says it is one of their most “interesting” projects yet.

Furthermore, The Twitch are also working flat-out in the studio to lay down the vocals for their new and upcoming songs.  So be prepared to hear some new, raw, classic-rock material be released near April.


For more information on The Twitch, visit:

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