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The Twitch get busy busy busy!
28 Mar 2011

The Twitch have so much going on it’s just so hard to keep up! 

Not only are they currently in the studio recording their upcoming release “Celebration”, but they are also shooting a new video, getting airplay on 5 radio stations and planning a tour of California! I’m not sure how they do it! 

The Twitch were heard on the following stations in March:

– Radio Rabe, Bern, Switzerland.

– KALX-FM, Berkeley, California

– Radio Gresvidaudan, Crolles, France

– Liepzig Radio, Liepzig, Germany

– Falcon FM, Terblijt, Netherlands

Stay tuned for more info from The Twitch. Check out their website for full gig details and updates on their new release

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