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The Twitch Get Radio Love to flow !
28 Mar 2012

Rock-Gods The Twitch are receiving air-play on many radio stations around the globe. In March alone, their songs have been heard across England, Brazil, Canada and USA. Many of those listeners definantly have a keen ear for classic rock as request for continued play has not stopped coming.

Along with their increasing fanbase, The Twitch have also finished up in the studio, and have two new tracks which are being mixed and mastered as we speak. Going by their recent history and successes of thier lastest singles, this new material will be released with high expectations. It will definantly leave people with a twitch !

In the video below you can watch The Twitch‘s pure-rock energy during thier live performance of Whiskey In A Bottle, at DiPiazza’s in Long Beach California and see what all the fuss is about !

For more information on The Twitch, click here. 

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