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The Twitch Has New Videos And Pictures For Your Viewing Pleasure.
10 Nov 2011

The Twitch has new pictures up on their MySpace site! Check them out HERE!

They also have a new video up on their Youtube site! You can watch it here or HERE!

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The Twitch will on high rotation radio airplay on BMRB FM in Birmingham and Bailrigg FM in Lancaster England.

With a kaleidoscope of talent, this four-piece band from Vancouver, Canada are what pure pedigree rock is all about. With Joe Kynoch on vocals, Mike Sheeshka on guitars, Steve Stone on bass and Tony U on drums, they bring together the 70’s in a full scale sonic blast to your ears that ROCKS you to your core. The Twitch are nothing but pure Rock and Roll from Vancouver Canada. The take the classic spirit of 1971 to 1978 and infuse this classic rock sound in all they do and are. Rocking out and letting free love rule supreme. As the band say: “This is the art we love, we all see the Earth, the Moon and the Stars and we are all part of this crazy planet rocking it to the core”. Its easy to say that these guys are certainly doing what they love and that the love is the best kind that only comes from being part of the best era to be alive, the sixties and seventies!

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