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The Twitch have been hard at work
15 Jun 2010

The Twitch have completed their new song, “I Call Your Name”, which will be coming out next week. As well as working hard with their new song they have been busy rehearsing for their upcoming shows: June 16th at the Bourbon, June 22nd at the Backstage Lounge, July 2nd at the Babylon Club and July 9th at NAL in North Vancouver, BC. Make sure you go down to these upcoming gigs and get the rock n roll itch, that is THE TWITCH! The Twitch have been getting radio airplay on Radio Atlantis in Reygerdal, South Africa and Gone Fishing For Blue Skies in Kashiwa, China, Japan. Tune into these radio stations and request THE TWITCH. As well as all this their will be a new video coming soon. “Run, Run, Run” will be online within the next weeks, stay tuned and visit their site

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