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The Twitch keep that itch
18 Jun 2010


The Twitch keep that itch that you just can’t scratch itching till ya have to jump up and down. Here is the latest on the lads. Steve & Joe went to The Yale, Vancouver’s best rhythm & blues bar. Then they went next door to the Cecil strip bar, to catch the ladies on stage. The band had their rehearsal for this week’s gig coming up at the Bourbon on Wednesday, June 16th, 8pm to 11:30pm. They share the stage with The Shithawks & The Burn. Come on out and support The Twitch and make sure ya scratch. The Twitch has just released “I Call Your Name”, and the song will be available at all leading retailers on the planet exclusive to Blue Pie. Check out this site and the bands website for release details. The Twitch has global radio play now on 500 + stations including these stations: Radio Atlantis in Reygerdal, South Africa, Radio BBT in Bloemfontein, South Africa, Audwax Radio in Durban, South Africa & FNA Radio Rotation in Terrace Bay, Ontario Canada and “Gone Fishing For Blue Skies” in Kashiwa, Japan.

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