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The Twitch keeps feeling the love from the radio!
07 May 2014

The Twitch seem to be a perfect match with commercial radio—they just always play sweet music together.

All puns aside, The Twitch have had a fantastic run so far this year…and it’s no different for this month, which has only just begun! They already have an interview lined up on Tacoma, Washington’s radio station, NWCZ Radio, which will be held on Sunday, 11th May at 9pm. So make sure you save the date and tune in to hear the exclusive interview with DJ Darrell Fortune in the link here.

On top of this, The Twitch have also had tons of US radio spins for their latest hit track, Fire in my Soul. Take a look at the number of stations and spins The Twitch have gained just last month:

101.1 FM KLOL – Denver, Colorado USA Total Spins – 187

KROC FM – Louisville, Kentucky USA Total Spins – 207
WBAC FM – Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA Total Spins – 421
WCST FM  – Miami, Florida USA Total Spins – 198
WLIV FM – Phoenix, Arizona USA Total Spins – 218

Total Spins – 1228
Total Spins Overall – 4908

As you can see, The Twitch are on fire this year! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for their name because this is only just the beginning for the talented band. For more info about The Twitch, check out their official website here

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