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The Twitch make waves with their new single "Freak Show" at their acoustic shows!
12 Jun 2012

Blue Pie are excited to announce that things really seem to be heating up for The Twitch! Expectations are high after the release of the bands new single “Freak Flag”, which going by their recent accomplishments is bound to be a huge hit. In addition to the release of the single, if you’ve been following our recent postings regarding the band, you’ll know that they’ve also released a new music video. The band worked alongside the very talented Jeff Bonner of on the video, which you can check out here. 

The Twitch, currently on tour, also performed an incredible acoustic rendition of the single “Freak Flag” at their most recent show from the Laughing Ladies Café in Seattle, Washington USA. You can find a video of the performance of the song on the bands YouTube account. 

Throughout the month of June the band is also expected to receive a lot of well deserved radio play from stations all around the globe. So for all avid listeners of music that have a great classic rock sound, make sure to request and listen out for The Twitch on some of the following stations:

  • J-Wave Radio, Tokyo, Japan
  • The Real Music Enthusiast, Dallas, Texas USA
  • Bay FM, Byron Bay, Australia

The band will play their next show at the C And P Coffee Company in Seattle Washington USA on Saturday June 30th, from 6pm to 8pm. So if you’re in the vicinity and keen for some great music and a nice cup of Java, make sure to check them out.

For all other news regarding The Twitch make sure to check out their official website for all news and tour updates!

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