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The Twitch: New Updates!
11 Apr 2011

Just a few new updates for you all on your new favorite band, The Twitch

Steve has been in studio this week, laying down the bass tracks for “Celebration”. Stay tuned for news on when you’ll be able to hear it!

The Twitch have also been rehearsing for their upcoming gig at the Roxy Nightclub in Vancouver, BC Canada, on Tuesday, April 19th The Twitch are on at 9:30pm, opening will be “Coloured Animal”, at 8:30pm. Buy tickets today!

The Twitch have also had radio airplay on these stations for the month of April: RadiOrakel FM in Oslo, Radio Mega FM in Valence and Radio Wereld in Hilversum.

That’s all for now folks! But for more information on The Twitch check out their website.

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