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The Twitch October Updates & Airplay!
08 Oct 2012

Canadian rock band The Twitch have some exciting news for the month of October!


They will be performing live on Friday, October 12th, at the Railway Club in Vancouver, BC Canada. The 4 piece band is sure to bring a show packed with high energy. This is a show you don’t want to miss so get there in time for their set at 9pm!


Get excited because The Twitch are heading back into the studio this month. Their two new singles “Dancing With The Devil” and “Speed Demon” are expected to be released before the end of November.


In October 2012, The Twitch have received airplay on stations across the globe such as: Crescent City Radio in New Orleans, 101.1 FM KLOL in Denver, KILT FM in Dallas, KROC FM in Louisville, Massive Rock Radio in New York, Z100 Rocks! in Indianapolis, WXDU. 88.7 FM in Durham, WMBC in Baltimore, BSR in Providence, WBVU in Lewisburg, OC Rock Radio in Mission Viejo, WCWS-FM in Wooster, RagnarRock in Torshavn, Radio Arcadia in Toronto, and Madd Radio in Chicago.

For more information on The Twitch, check out their Official Website.

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