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The Twitch on tour and riding the airwaves!
02 Aug 2012

Time for our weekly update on The Twitch!

The band have just begun their official US tour and we have all of the details! So if you are a local, a visitor or just in the area, be sure to check out a gig, you will not be disappointed.

You can find more information at our Official Gig Guide!

We also have an update of the radio stations that have been pumping Twitch tunes!

They have been on rotation of many global stations over the past year and the team at Blue Pie are ecstatic over their success!

This weeks stations include; Radio Fe Y, Radio Z, Indie, WAIF FM, KAOS Olympia Community Radio, NHK, Switch Radio, Fort Meyers Radio, Splash Radio, Radio AF and CJIM Online.

Remember to request your favourite Twitch tunes to all of your local stations!

For more information on The Twitch, you can check our their Official Website!

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