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The Twitch radio and gig updates!
27 Jul 2012

For all of you fans of The Twitch, we have a few updates on your favourite rock band. The Twitch is continuing to receive a massive amount of radio play; they’ve been heard all of the world such as in the US, Germany, Venezuela, Japan, England, Sweden, and Canada. You are able to check them out at the following stations: Radio Fe Y Alegria, Radio Z, Indie, WAIF FM, KAOS Olympia Community Radio, NHK, Switch Radio, Fort Meyers Radio, Splash Radio, Radio AF, and CJIM Online. So don’t forget to listen in and request your favourite track!

There have also been a few updates to their tour which are listed below. Make sure to take a look and don’t miss out!

 July 29th – Backstage Bar & Grill – Tacoma Washington USA – 9:00pm


 July 30th – Ash Street Saloon – Portland Oregon USA – 9:30pm


 July 31st – Stork Club – Oakland California USA – 10:30pm


 Aug. 1st – Skinny’s Lounge – North Hollywood California USA – 9:00pm


 Aug. 2nd –The Amp Studios– North Hollywood California USA – 9:00pm


 Aug. 3rd – Hard Rock Cafe – North Hollywood California USA – 10:00pm


 Aug. 4th – Whisky A Go Go – West Hollywood California USA – 9:30pm


 Aug. 5th – Linda’s Doll Hut – Anaheim California USA – 11:00pm


 Aug. 6th – Rainbow Bar & Grill – West Hollywood California USA – 10:00pm


 Aug. 7th – Shakedown Bar – San Diego California USA – 10:00pm


 Aug. 8th – DiPiazza’s – Long Beach California USA – 9:00pm


 Aug. 9th – Coffee Klatch Rancho Cucamonga – Rancho Cucamonga California USA – 8:00pm


 Aug. 10th – Freakin’ Frog – Las Vegas Nevada USA – 9:30pm


 Aug. 11th – The Red Cove – Ventura, California USA – 10:00pm


 Aug. 12th – Coffee Adventures – San Francisco, California USA -11:00am


To stay up to date on all of their latest news, check out their website.

And don’t forget to check them out on iTunes!

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