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The Twitch Rock On In Canada
16 Dec 2009

The Twitch Rock On in Canada – Here is the latest news on the happenings in Twitch Land – Joe & Elio Martelli from Doug & The Slugs & Al Harlow from Prism,  played at a Xmas Fund Raiser.  Steve & Mike were there too, and joined them and jammed on a few songs. Paul & Mike were in studio, listening to the final mixes of the 2 new songs, coming out for Xmas 2009, New Years 2010. Twitch were in rehearsals for their upcoming show at the Princeton Pub, Thursday, December 17th, 10pm, Vancouver, BC.  If you are in the vicinity, pop on in, and catch, The Executives, The Twitch & His Hott Wife.  This monster night will start at 9pm, see you there! . Remember that you can always get the TWITCH at ROCK ON !

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