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The Twitch Win Regular Radio Play and Interview on NWCZ !
12 Apr 2013

Canadian rock and roll act ‘The Twitch’ has become publicized on regular radio networks across the states in America and Canada, winning airplay with 300 spins across 7 platforms! Online radio is becoming a popular commercial tool, alongside regular touring, to make ‘The Twitch’ a well-known act across USA and the globe!

The Twitch has been circling the west coast with regular upbeat shows and their raging radio hits! The exciting show at ‘Northwest Convergence Zone’ features front man Joey Slithers and drummer Paul Watson explaining their build to fame, the changing entertainment industry and the exciting gig they shared at ‘The Roxy’ with the legendary band behind infamous Alice Cooper!

You don’t want to miss this interview! You can view it on the official ‘The Twitch’ YouTube channel!

The Twitch is planning to celebrate the summer season in USA with more gigs to be announced in August and September! Watch their space on Facebook for all the upcoming details!

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