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The Upset Victory Release TWO new EP's !
18 Jan 2013

Blue Pie’s, Indie alternative rock band ‘The Upset Victory’ were a busy bunch indeed, last year working on two new studio albums! Their 7th studio release the, ‘Wall Street’ EP, is awaiting official release on the 29th of January! Because of such popularity and high demand from fans, they are quickly following up with yet another album that is on the verge of finishing already!

The band confirmed the excitement of fans by stating, “We’re on the verge of recording our third music video, signed a US distro/licensing/label deal for our newest release “Before the World Ends” out 5/22, we’ve even done hard copies of this release, have played some amazing shows, we’re hitting the road again soon, and our online presence has been growing exponentially. I’m only scratching the surface with some of things that have been going on but please feel free to head over to our various social networks to gain more insight in what’s been going on!”

Check out the new video for the bands new track “Actions”:

The Upset Victory would love to thank Starlight Studios, Nuance Media, Chris Schmidt, & all of our family & friends! and of course YOU for making it happen! View their official site to keep up-to-date on all the latest news from ‘The Upset Victory’.

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