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The World of Difference makes a mark at the Cineplay International Film Festival, Cannes, France
19 Dec 2023

In the bustling city of Cannes, France, the prestigious Cineplay International Film Festival was abuzz with excitement as filmmakers, actors, and cinema enthusiasts gathered for the highly anticipated awards ceremony in December 2023. Among the myriad of talented participants from around the globe, one film stood out, capturing the hearts and minds of the audience and judges alike – “The World of Difference.

Directed by the visionary filmmaker, Isabel Rodriguez, “World of Difference” was a groundbreaking cinematic masterpiece that delved into the intricacies of human relationships, transcending cultural boundaries and celebrating the diversity that makes our world truly unique. The film,, had gained global recognition for its innovative storytelling and captivating performances.

As the ceremony began, the air was thick with anticipation. The moment arrived when the category for Best Original Film was announced. The audience held its breath as the nominees were listed, and then, in a crescendo of applause, “World of Difference” was declared the winner of the Cineplay International Award for best documentary. The Cineplay International Award was a testament to the dedication of Sam Pollard and the cast and crew who brought “World of Difference” to life.

Back at the “World of Difference” headquarters, the Planet Blue Pictures and Blue Pie Records USA team behind the film celebrated the win with joyous cheers and heartfelt embraces. The recognition at the Cineplay International Film Festival not only marked a significant milestone for the film but also propelled it to new heights of international acclaim.

The impact of “World of Difference” continued to resonate long after the festival ended. Audiences worldwide flocked to to experience the film that had captured the essence of the human spirit. The Cineplay International Award solidified the film’s place in cinematic history, inspiring future generations of filmmakers to explore the power of storytelling to bridge gaps and create a world of difference.

You can check out the film and what the fuss is all about at the following official links:

The World of Difference film is distributed exclusively for the world by Planet Blue Pictures USA

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