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The Yeehaa Boys Are To Record at Studio 301
19 Nov 2009

The Yeehaa Boys are booked for the 21st and 22nd of December 2009  to record at Studio 301. There are some super cool boot scootin tunes being laid down at Alexandria in Sydney. One of these songs will be the new single for the Yeehaa Boys for 2010. The band will also be rehearsing at Rocking Horse studios Alexandria  this Wednesday night 8pm to 11pm. The band is getting ready to rock the USA with their infectious good time Country Swing music in January. There are concert dates and other shows being announced on the website. For the New Years Eve show the band line up will be Mr Balbi, Slim Pickens, Artie, Kid Wrangler and Joel. To get all the latest news on the band please visit

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