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16 Jul 2009

“If you’re after a rootin’ tootin’ good time, round up a posse of desperadoes & come on down to where it’s all happenin’ with The Yeehaa Boys. The Yeehaa Boys kick into overdrive with their new single ‘Red Wagon’. This is one of the best Country Swing Rockabilly tracks that we have heard in years.”

Most people in the Australian Country Music scene have heard of The Yeehaa Boys, they are a five-piece country swing act with fantastic songs and a history of talent with all members doing their time on the music circuit in Australia and the USA. Now releasing their hit new song ‘Red Wagon’ from their self titled EP.

Their hit new song ‘Red Wagon’ a hybrid sound with roots back to the 40’s, mixing country swing with a blend of country rock and blue grass. Once you play this track you can’t stop moving, your feet start to tap and your hips keep swinging.

They have rubbed shoulders with the elite in entertainment and have received rave reviews from Shannon Noll and Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson. The band has also teamed up with Keith Urban’s producer Peter Blyton. The Country Music Channel is swimming with requests for The Yeehaa Boys to been seen and heard by fans.

The Yeehaa Boys have now firmly established themselves as Australia’s premier country swing band. Collectively they have had over 9 number one singles and top tens, multiple platinum albums and played live to millions of people around Australia and around the world. These guys get the crowd screaming, with a chorus of “Yeehaa’s”, hats being thrown in the air to every song and the bar staff working hard for their money. Nights get out of control with mounted police having to be called for extra crowd control for people who couldn’t get inside the packed venues.

‘Red Wagon’ is on fire, so get down to see them and find out for yourselves what all the fuss is about. You can download their music at good digital retailers on the planet including itunes, amazon, emusic, my blue pie music and many more!!!


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