blue pie news

28 May 2009

The BBC starts to get down with some more ” Downtown ” from Blue Pie. We are very pleased to announce that the BBC will be featuring our very own ” The OUTpsiDER ” and the remix of Tony Hatch and Petula Clark’s world No 1 hit ” Downtown ” on their feature shows on the 60’s and some of the special shows that they have planned for Tony Hatch and his music in the coming year. We would like to extend a massive thanks again to Tony Hatch who was instrumental in getting our remix cleared. The song has now been licensed to SONY BMG and has been a feature in the ” I Love New York Campaign “, compilation albums for Petula Clark and a number of other new projects that will be announced in the coming months. Seems that you can not get enough of going down town and this song and the new remix’s completed by the OUTpsiDER with executive production by Tony Hatch, Damien Reilly and Phil Munro are sure to extend the life of this great song for many years to come.

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