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This all American soul singer / song writer has conquered it all and he's not putting down his guitar any time soon!
09 Mar 2016

Stewart Francke has been a household name for lovers of folk rock since the early 90’s when he released his first album ‘House of Lights’, since that point Stewart has been killing it in the rock scene, being recognised by and compared to other rock legends including the likes of Bruce Springsteen. Unfortunately there was a Major speed bump in the Stewart’s momentum upon being diagnosed with leukimia in 1998. Despite this terrible news Francke had no intentions of slowing down or tapping out, he continued to fight, eventually beating the disease; now he continues to write and record, focusing all his energy into his family, craft and bone marrow donor activism.

Stewart has opened for some huge gigs for dozens of high priority stars ranging from Sheryl Crow to Steve Earle. In 2011 he recorded a duet with the one and only Bruce Springsteen ‘Summer Soldier’, Springsteen speaks very highly Stewart claiming he makes “beautiful music.”

More recently our folk rock idol has released a new CD ‘Midwestern: the very best of Stewart Francke 1995-2015’. This latest project is now available worldwide! Compiled from 20 years of studio albums, ‘Midwestern’ features 16 of Stewart’s finest work plus two new unreleased songs. “When we went back through all 14 releases, and put these songs together as a whole, it quickly formed its own identity as a record. The collection came alive with a few recurring themes that are present lyrically. It’s a lifetime of musical peaks that work together.” – Stewart Francke

Stewart Francke is a treasure to the American folk rock scene and you all should check him out!

Here’s a small taste of the new CD Midwestern “Drive North”.

For any more information check out the official links below!

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