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'This is Lizzard' featured on 'Nine's New Music - Wyrd101!'
25 Nov 2011

This is Lizzard have received a rave from the host of ‘Nine’s New Music’ on Wyrd101! Listen to his rave and their new track ‘Wake Up And Dream’ HERE

Here is what he had to say on his website about the band!

“If there was one podcast I wish I had more time to do, it’s this one. Not just because I like discovering new music to bring to you, but also because of the joy I get out of connecting with some of these artists. Lizanne Hennessey is one of those people.

On a previous episode of NNM, we played their first single, “Won’t Give Up”. As the name suggests, it is a beautiful song about optimism and sticking it out. I fell in love with this song immediately; it stands out in a sea of dark and brooding arrangements and equally dark and brooding lyrics. Who needs that 24/7?

It’s absolutely fantastic when you meet someone who can’t live without their bliss. For This is Lizzard, clearly it’s making this wonderful music. For me, it’s bringing it to you. Thank you Lizanne, Roland, and Gary for breathing life in to this song today. It’s beautiful.

From the forthcoming acoustic EP The Orcas Sessions, we play for you “Wake Up and Dream”.

Here is the video for their other track ‘Won’t Give Up’!

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