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This Is Lizzard UNPLUGGED!
10 Nov 2011

‘This is Lizzard’ are pleased to announce that their upcoming unplugged album, ‘The Orcas Sessions’ is in the final stages of production, and should be available next month!

If you’re a fan of ‘This is Lizzard‘, check out their sneak preview of ‘Wake Up and Dream‘, by clicking HERE. The track will be available for streaming on their Bandcamp site until December 1st.

“The Orcas Sessions” is an unplugged, trans-continental production, in collaboration with awesome multi-instrumentalist and third member of the band, Gene Nery. Anyone who knows them, knows that Orcas is our home away from home, and the album is inspired and motivated by the lasting friendships and musical inspiration they have there!

For more information on ‘This is Lizzard’, head to

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