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Threshing Ground has released their latest video clip!
10 Jan 2013

Threshing Ground has released their latest video clip! They are opening more doors with their hit single, and its accompanying music video, which is equally as catchy! The song, “I’m in love with a girl called Vinyl”, combines elements of 80’s Pub Rock with inspiration injected from; 50’s Rockabilly, Folk, Blues, and modern time Punk attitude! The popular single has an equally as viral video clip, producing a very excited stir amongst established fans on YouTube as well as attracting newcomers.

Threshing Ground is lead and found by Gary ‘Barry Island’ Marsden, legendary punk rocker from previous UK act, ‘The Tights’. After a dispute with Its fellow members, Gary sought out to find his calling card in music by travelling across Asia and Nepal with his battered acoustic guitar. Throughout his travels he found himself inspired to thrash out the bare bones of some new material. On his arrival back in the UK, he was hungry for something more, and jumped back into the scene with members; Ralph Tittley, Jem Vipond, and Gary Low, to Form their latest project, ‘Threshing Ground’. The band have now been established since 2010, producing likable and appealing favorites’ which are distributed exclusively with Blue Pie Records!

The term, ‘Threshing Ground’ is derived from the biblical expression, meaning to hit rock bottom. “That low we all sometimes achieve through breakups or bereavement.” Gary Marsden set out into the world in search of new life, which he and other band mates have flooded into their latest album with great reviews, success and feedback! Fans are thrilled to see the classic punk legend bank in action!

Threshing Ground will be producing more clips to convey the bundles of exhilarating, high energy songs that have been released!

Watch our space on the Official Blue Pie site for all the latest news and remember to check out the clip on YOU TUBE. Radio and Media will be abuzz with the song ” I am in love with a girl called Vinyl ”

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