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Threshing Ground hit the airwaves with their new release "Last Beer on Bondi" !
02 May 2012

Threshing Ground, one of the newest additions to Blue Pie Records are an Australian band whose distinguished sounds range from Indie and folk to pop punk and traditional Aussie rock.


Despite their likeliness to a number of different genre’s, their influences of Lou Reed, The Ramones, The Clash, David Bowie, The Cure, Neil Young and Johnny Cash (to only name a few) have given the band music which is undeniably raw sounding while retaining its quirky, punk edge, in combination with confessional type lyrics.

Threshing Ground believe their audience is universal – the wide connecting span of their unique sound allowing them connect with all different people at all different stages within their lives. Examples of a few of their songs include “Last Beer In Bondi” (we can only hope they’re not serious about that one), “Tyranny of Blues”, a song written about love, loss, and “Any Whole’s a Goal”, which is about travel.

To hear more about Threshing Ground, check out their myspace

To show your support, check out their iTunes page and download the new track “Last Beer in Bondi” 




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