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Threshing ground kick off their radio and media campaign loving a girl called
09 Apr 2013

Threshing Ground have kicked off their global radio campaign to let the world know that its ok to love Vinyl, A Girl Called Vinyl …that is !

The bands much awaited single and followup to their Aussie radio favorite “The Last Beer In Bondi” , is now being added to radio globally.

Check out the clip here and you can see that world wants to return to Vinyl as well as love a ” Girl called Vinyl”. The track is out on iTunes for the world and you can download this and show your support for some of Australia’s adopted musical sons.

Threshing Ground were formed in 2010 by Gary Marsden, “Barry Island” of legendary British punk rock band The Tights. After a dispute about a cancelled American tour, Gary decided to go backpacking around India and South-East Asia. With a battered old acoustic guitar bought in the market in Kathmandu, Nepal, he started to thrash out the bare bones of some new songs. Themes of love and loss, betrayal, yearning for new experiences, and a leitmotif that “this is not a rehearsal”, pervade the new material.

Things really galvanized creatively in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Inspired by tales of the “American War” and after chatting to an Australian Veteran, Marsden penned “Saigon Honey”.  A tale of a traveller in Saigon missing his tall Aussie girlfriend and the crazy times they had together.


In Sydney Marsden really found his creative groove. Sharing a house in Newtown with local songsmith Ernest Ellis, Gary regularly did open mic slots at The Sandringham Hotel (“The Sando”) on King Street. On one of these occasions top of the bill was Sydney chanteuse Belle Phoenix. She was so impressed with the rawness of the material, that she asked him to join her band as bassist for an American tour. He decided instead, to return to the UK to put a band together and record an ep.


 “I’m in Love with a girl called Vinyl” is a quirky punky pop tune that describes an encounter between the author and a skaterpunk who nearly crashed into him on King Street. Later, when he saw her kissing her girlfriend at the Courthouse Pub, the theme was set.


The name “Threshing Ground” comes from a biblical reference to hitting rock bottom. That low we all sometimes achieve through breakups or bereavement. The chaff has been removed from the wheat and we are lying on the cold stone floor with our skin removed and our soul laid bare. We are no longer sheaves of wheat, but not yet bread, and at our most vulnerable. However, at this point we are also at our most receptive to spiritual or creative ideas. This raw state is the mood that the band tries to achieve in its songs.

Threshing Ground are a Blue Pie Records artist and are available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. For more information on Threshing Ground “google” Threshing Ground.


Check out the bands sites here:


“I’m in Love wirth a Girl Called Vinyl” – Download and click here to go to iTunes

“A fun song that told a very interesting story. I particularly liked the tag line of the chorus. Good production and a good melody.”

John Foreman- Producer and Music Director, Pop Idol Australia

“Catchy hooks, very memorable lyrics, very Australian which I love.”

Natalie Gauci – Pop Idol Australia Winner 2007

“Hilarious lyrics, very well performed and arranged too.”

Scott Wilson – Director, Catapult Song Competition

“Love it! This is a really good and fun song. Arrangement is cool….. voice sounds great! Song keeps driving….Good work!”

Simon Paul , Producer & Director, Ninety Nine 100 Studios, Vic




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