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Threshing Ground Put Final Touches On Debut Album.
08 Sep 2012

Threshing Ground is currently putting the finishing touches on the mixes for their eagerly awaited debut album “Killing Without Touching.”

Stylistically it will be a varied and eclectic piece of work with a broad range of influences. From the Billy Braggish poppity indie heaven of “I’m in Love with a Girl called Vinyl;”through to the Lou Reed/Stones Aussie rock strut of “Last Beer in Bondi;” delving the murky gothic underworld of the Nick Cave/Killing Joke styled “La Purga;” and culminating in The Pogues-like drunken folkiness of “Silk Noose” and “Farewell to England.”

Threshing Ground takes each song as a separate entity and let it evolve organically wherever it wants to go. The band does not impose a style like many others do, but let the song take on its own life, using whatever instruments it demands; whether that be cello, or melodeon or distorted baritone guitar. The unifying feature is Gary Marsden’s barbed bittersweet lyrics and his venomous delivery. The band is very proud and excited about their upcoming release and can’t wait for it to hit the airwaves!

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