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Tiny Tim Reinvented with New Album Art!
23 Feb 2013

Tiny Tim gets reinvented with new album artwork from Martin Sharp, and the world sends the love!

Blue Pie has worked tirelessly to create the Tiny Tim – Martin Sharp Digital Download Book for the Tiny Tim “Chameleon Special Edition” album. This album is out now on iTunes for the world and features the special edition booklet as part of the ablum. You can click here to download the album from iTunes and get the Digital Artwork Booklet by Martin Sharp today!

Tiny Tim was a successful popular American singer/songwriter and Ukulele player, from the 1960’s with his extremely amazing falsetto vocals! Martin Sharp is one of Australia’s greatest cartoonists and satirists. Martin is also a film maker and songwriter himself, who also grew internationally recognised with his famous set of comics that hit the UK titled ‘Swinging London‘.

Martin Sharp has breathed new life into the legendary works  of Tiny Tim so that he may still, decades later, keep his legacy within the entertainment industry!

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