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Tishawn Seaton joins the team!
03 Dec 2011

Blue Pie are very pleased to announce the appointment of their newest Business Development Consultant, Tishawn Seaton.

Tishawn Seaton has years of expertise in discovering talent; developing artists; and exposing their talents to the public, media, & industry executives. Tishawn has an entrepreneurial spirit with the training & experience necessary to assist you in succeeding with your company. To expand her knowledge & keep up with what is new in the field of marketing, she obtained her Professional Marketing Coaching Master Certification.  Ms. Seaton is honoured to be a part of Blue Pie and together it will be a powerful team that is well respected and known for the effective efforts on behalf of the artists represented. She has the ability to give independent artists an opportunity to collaborate with the mainstream industry sector through her high profile connections and good relationships that she has maintained.

This new opportunity has led her to make the decision to operate her company, Celestial Caring Enterprises, LLC as a Full Service Independent Record Label for the East Coast territories.  Furthermore, as an Executive Associate Consultant for Blue Pie Productions USA, LLC, Ms. Seaton will be able to provide comprehensive business development services on behalf of BPP in order to tap into various opportunities for area market expansion.

For more information on Tishawn, check out her LinkedIn Profile HERE


Welcome Tishawn!

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