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Tommie Girl’s latest single is a pop party classic!
12 May 2014

Concerthouse Music’s new pop sensation, Tommie Girl, has released her latest single, I Won’t Dance With You Anymore. This hot new single showcases her strong voice over the catchy vibes of techno-pop fused together with electrifying sounds and beats which will have you dancing all night long. This single is the epitome of summer fun, as it focuses on light-hearted pop beats and a funky baseline, which drives the dance vibe behind the track. Not to mention the catchy chorus, which will stay with you for the rest of the day by leaving a huge cheesy grin on your face! The subtle soulful gospel notes also create resonating sounds that immerse your whole body into the essence of the track. Essentially, it’s a fantastic fusion of punchy, pop party beats with the subtle undertones of soul and RnB. You’ll be a fool to not have this song in your classic party playlist!

The single is from her album Fireworks, which is now available on iTunes and other partner stores. For more information on Tommie Girl, check out her reverbnation site here.


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