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Toni UK releases EP titled
02 May 2012

Toni UK hails from Montreal Quebec in Canada. He is no stranger to the world of entertainment and has been passionately writing and creating music all his life. As Toni says ” I constantly hear music all the time, the melodies and the noise of the environment around me inspires me to capture the sounds and then turn these into my songs. It may have something to do with the cold climate and the hours that you have in Canada spent in doors and this may be why I have been able to write a more reflective and thought provoking style of music ”

In 2010 Toni signed a global distribution and publishing agreement with Blue Pie Records and has been working with the in house production team to establish the sonic texture and sound that he wants to match with the constant stream of songs and melodies that flow through his body. Toni feels he is more like a conduit for the music to flow through his body into this world for those that love and like what they hear to really gain the enjoyment that they can from his music in their own way.

Toni has recently create his new EP “Night Life” which is a collection of 3 songs that he has now released on Blue Pie for the world. The 1st single is the dance floor thumper ” Naughtigirl”. The record is out now at all good retailers and you can download this now from iTunes.

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