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Tony DeSimone gets Discovered on Discovery Channel !
11 Aug 2012

It is with much excitement and pride that we announce the most recent Tony DeSimone news!

Our talented artist has recently released his new EP “As we go ‘Round the Sun,” but not only that, the track “As we go ‘Round the Sun” has also been selected for TV licensing by a number of cable channels. The song will make an appearance on channels including the Discovery Channel, NAT GEO and PBS networks in the USA, which will no doubtedly be a great profile builder for Tony!

If Tony’s music being selected to appear on TV isn’t enough to convince you of how amazing his music is, maybe this will…Rebecca Hosking of Skope Entertainment Inc. describes Tony’s song as a “melodic display of awesomeness” and encourages everyone to download a copy today.

Charles Martel of Music Emissions also says “Tony DeSimone is, without a doubt, a talented songwriter…people like Jason Mraz should sit up and take note of how it should be done.”

We would like to congratulate Tony for his efforts and cannot wait to see what will reach the surface next in Tony’s pool of success. To have a listen to “As we go ‘Round the Sun” as well as his cover of “Suspicious Minds”, visit iTunes today!

For more information on Tony DeSimone, visit his website!

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