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Tony Okoroji blows hot with "Oriaku - New School " and gets the radio love from Africa !
27 Aug 2018

Music icon, Tony Okoroji’s new recording, ‘Oriaku (New School)’ is finally set for national and international release on radio, TV and across several digital media platforms.

For some time, a big buzz has been on at TOPS, the 360 Degrees entertainment company run by Chief Tony Okoroji, as finishing touches on the recording, video shoot and presentation of the new release of Oriaku are completed. TOPS is authoritatively announcing that everything is set and the fans of the unique sound of the music maestro should be ready to be titillated by what is in every way a special sound.

The sweet song ‘Oriaku’ with the thumping bass guitar line, was a key song in Tony Okoroji’s iconic album, “Juliana”, which used to burn up the dance floor across the country.

According to the unassailable music icon, the celebrated former President of PMAN who is currently Chairman of the Board of the wave-making Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), “We have re-oxygenated Oriaku. It has a new groove. You need to listen to this beautiful song to appreciate what I am talking about. This is not a re-mix but a completely brand-new recording with new orchestration. Working with TOPS All Stars, my young team of very talented creative artistes, we have kept the essential elements of the great song and brought in a fresh new feel to give what we call ‘Oriaku New School’ a new groove. I believe that lovers of good music, young and old, will rock to this new sound. The video is also very-very electrifying”.

The video shoot of Oriaku New School had the photography directed by the prince of video animation,AdemolaTajudeen popularly called ‘Awoko’. According to Awoko, “we have spared nothing in creating a music video that will stand the test of time wherever in the world it is seen. There is a lot of colours, exceedingly beautiful women and a lot of dance, both traditional and contemporary. If you know Chief Tony Okoroji, then you know that I have worked with a man who does not accept mediocrity. Tony Okoroji only goes for the very best”.

The release of ‘Oriaku New School’ follows the release by TOPS in 2017 of Tony Okoroji’s ‘Happy Music’ which has become a major caller ring back tone favorite across many platforms.

Tony Okoroji – Oriaku

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