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Toyanna tells THE ONE thing that is on her mind with her new single out now on DJ Central Records !!!
11 Jul 2016

When you see and hear Toyanna Rae it’s hard not to think of putting her in the same space as the icons and megastars of the Rap Game like Nikki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Lil Kim. Toyanna works extremely hard to show her growing fan base that nothing is impossible. She is striving to prove that you can make it to the top without selling your body and soul.

As Toyanna says: ” Talent can cut through all the noise and clutter and shine. I am proof of that

As a student at Boston College, Toyanna was often distracted from her school work because of her passion for the arts and music. While in school, she came across a Korean singer and through this connection a spark ignited her passion and a dream was formed for her to go to Korea and pursue a career in music. So that’s exactly what she did.

Toyanna has been living in Korea for the past few years and pursuing her music dreams within the Korean music scene. Over the past five years she has been steadily building a fan base. She has achieved success on 2 national TV Shows, t finishing in the top 21 on the 1st show and then finishing in the top 12 out over 3000 other contestants.

In 2014 she released a mixed-tape called “Toy’s’tory” to critical acclaim. In 2016 she caught the attention of Raz B from the boy band B2K and was signed to a global distribution and publishing agreement with DJ Central Records. Her debut release on the label is the new song ” The One ” out now at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

Toyanna is now busy working on new material with the DJ Central Records team and SoFlawLess Music in Australia. She has a strong buzz and be in her cocoon of creativity ready to emerge with new material for 2017. You can check out all her links below.

For more information on Toyanna Rae please visit the following websites or GOOGLE ” toyanna rae ”

NEW RELEASE: Toyanna Rae – The One – Single on iTunes


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