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Trax Records clips to be featured on DJ Central TV.
11 Oct 2012

A huge note of thanks goes out to James Galgano from Galgano Media for landing the relationship for the TV show.



Trax Records is a house-music record label based in Chicago. It played a major part in the development of house music with records such as Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckles’s “Your Love.” Larry Sherman and “Screamin’” Rachael Cain, co-owners and founders of Trax Records, began operations in 1983 by purchasing Musical Products, and Trax Records began in 1984. The label design and initial artist signings were done by Vince Lawrence. The first release was “Wanna Dance/Certainly” by Le Noiz, TX-101 (matrix number 85 indicated the year of release). Trax Records may be best known for inventing the squelchy acid-house sound on tracks like “Dream Girl” and “Acid Tracks.” The label was notorious for pressing its 12-inch releases on low-quality vinyl.

Trax was an important outlet for house music in its early days, releasing many classics including “No Way Back” by Adonis, Larry Heard’s “Can You Feel It,” and the first so-called house anthem in 1986, “Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson. This latter tune gave a massive boost to house music, extending recognition of the genre outside of Chicago. In Early 2007, Rachael Cain being the driving force and face of the label—she founded a new record label called Phuture Trax Records, which she currently owns and operates along with her TV show Trax Television. Ms. Cain still owns all her interests in Trax Records along with 100% of the legendary Trax trademark.


In celebration of Trax Records’ 25th anniversary under the direction of Jorge Cruz (Trax Records’ current PR and Creative Director) there have also been newer releases such a 25th Anniversary mixtape mixed by Joe Smooth as well as a major re-release of Trax Records catalogue exclusively through bandcamp.



Remember to check out DJ Central TV for details on when Trax Records will be featured. You can check out the show logs on the website.

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