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Trees Die Standing release Ingenious Rock Music off their latest album!
18 Dec 2015

Trees Die Standing have made a great impact on the music scene with powerful melodic vocals, irresistible rock tones and epic riffs, making the music off their most recent album “The Forrest” highly addictive!

“The Forrest” has proved to be an ingenious breath of fresh air for the rock scene featuring sixteen tracks showcasing the diverse array of talent they have to offer. Being the product of a successful music project by creators Jack and Mario Garcia, this band has gone on to thrive in the industry, selling tickets for their shows in the thousands as well as releasing two albums in partnership with Blue Pie Records.

This album features songs such as “Break Me in Case of Fire”, “Nobody Is Perfect” and “Life and Death of Me” which have amassed attention and an overwhelmingly positive response, proving that Trees Die Standing is certainly a force to be reckoned with!
If you want to check out the tunes that this gifted band has to offer, have a look at their online streaming accounts on Sound Cloud including the video clip for “Break Me In Case Of Fire” on YouTube here. “The Forrest” is also available for purchase on iTunes.

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