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Unveiling Mr Sean Tizzle, one of Nigeria's afrobeat pioneers and one of the coolest music mavericks to emerge from Africa in the past 10 years !
19 May 2024

Let’s take a trip down the vibrant streets of Lekki, Lagos, where in 1989, the legendary Seun Morihanfen, aka Sean Tizzle, emerged into the world. He’s not just any singer-songwriter; he’s the heartbeat of Nigeria’s music scene.

Picture this: a kid growing up in the hustle of Ibadan and Lagos, soaking in the sounds of the streets. Sean hustled his way from Command Secondary School in Ibadan to snagging a diploma in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan. But music was his true calling.

Starting out spitting rhymes in the rap game, Sean soon discovered his singing credentials and switched lanes to Afro-pop and Afrobeat. And did he shine! With his crew 3-Way Band, he dropped many tracks, but it was Sean’s smooth vocals that turned heads.

Then came the banger of the century: “Sho Lee.” Produced by the maestro D’Tunes, it shot Sean straight to the top, making him the hottest thing in Nigerian music history.

But Sean wasn’t about to rest on his laurels. He took a break in 2015 to level up and returned in 2017 with “Moving Forward Vol.1,” a mix of Afrobeats, Reggae, and Latin vibes that had us vibin’ all night long.

Fast forward to 2018, and Sean’s still dropping bombs with “Kpro Kpro Remix” featuring Davido. Over 11k views on YouTube? That’s just the beginning!

His YouTube videos have hit over 8m views and growing across all streaming platforms. His music varies from slow to mid-tempo tunes, infused with African flavor, rooted in the great and rapidly evolving Afro Pop genre.

So, if you haven’t already, check out Sean Tizzle, he’s a vibe, and an emerging music legend in the making, and part of the future of Nigerian music.

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