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Up Nepa, Electric New Track from Nigerian Superstars DJ Ice Cream, Seyi Shay, and Mr. Real !
07 Oct 2018

The Biggest and Best DJ collab of 2018 is here… Up Nepa, brought to us by three of the biggest artists Nigerian Artists ever, DJ Ice Cream, Seyi Shay, and Mr. Real.

Nigerian born China based artist DJ Ice Cream returns with his third track, Up Nepa, featuring massive Nigerian Stars Seyi Shay and Mr. Real. The trio have all had huge hits on their own and combining their skills can only mean good things.

In January 2018 DJ Ice Cream hit us with his eponymous track Ice Cream, breaking his way into the afrobeat scene and catching everyone’s eye. In 2017 Mr. Real hit us with Legbegbe, a gyrating addicting dance track that swept out from Lagos and took Africa by storm, and has kept up a steady stream of hits ever since. And Seyi Shay has been active in the afropop scene for over a decade, writing for Melanie C and video game company Konami initially in 2005, Chip’s album Transition in 2008, then worked as the lead singer for From Above. Various endorsement deals followed, and in 2015 she released her debut studio album Seyi or Shay to massive success.

Up Nepa is an intense afrobeat party track, the name is an allusion to Nigerian slang referring to power outages and the NEPA, the organisation responsible for electricity in Nigeria. Considering the inspiration is appropriately Electric in its sound. The beat is dynamic and energetic, and each artist’s vocal contribution is fantastic. DJ Ice Cream brings smooth and silky rap to the track, complimented by Seyi Shay’s seductive stylings and Mr. Real’s intense vocals, it’s a real neapolitan mix, sprinkled with an energetic beat.

Up Nepa is an incredible track from three huge afrobeat artists and has already exploded online. You can find the song on soundcloud linked above as well as on Apple Music and Spotify, and you can find DJ Ice Cream, Seyi Shay, and Mr. Real at their respective twitters. Expect big things from the tree of them in the future.

Twitter – DJ Icecream
Twitter – Seyi Shay
Twitter – Mr Real

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