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Video for Wear Me Down by DL Down3r drops, a brutally honest look at his past.
05 Oct 2018

DL Down3r peers into his past to publicly display his regrets and mistakes with the release of his music video for ‘Wear Me Down’, a cautionary tale that he asks us not to repeat. The video has blown up overnight, with over 1.3k views on Youtube, and hundreds of shares on Facebook within the first few hours of release.

Down3r is known for his hard-hitting honesty and sincerity. He writes about his life in an effort to save others from making the same mistakes, but also for others like him who have lived through hard times and experienced real struggles, as a way to tell them what happened to them was real and valid but that its not the end, there is a way forward. Life goes on. He doesn’t pull any punches or hide the gory details, and that’s what his fans love about him. Below is a link to his video, be warned it contains graphic scenes and drug use, but if that doesn’t bother you it’s absolutely worth the watch.

Down3r himself appears in the video, along with his sons Jimmy and Jared Williams-Rivera, and niece Breana contributing their acting talent. The vocals are wistful and deep. Down3r has clearly put a large part of himself into this. The fusion of soulful lyrics and sombre, intense rap delivers the perfect tone for this story. Down3r demonstrates his acting talent too, and all of these elements together allow him to tell his story perfectly.

His honesty has brought him a following of dedicated fans who love his music because it tells a story they can relate to, which is something everyone needs, to be able to hear stories like their own and know that they aren’t alone, to be able to feel normal. So often media hides stories like this and shies away from this level of truth, just because it isn’t pretty. But sometimes we need stories like this to remind what’s real and that we aren’t alone. In this way Down3r brings a modicum of peace to his fans, they understand what he has been through and through that they know he understand their experiences too.

The comments on his video are filled with people sharing their stories and praising him for sharing his with total sincerity. They are stories of recovery and hope, of moving on, fighting hard to get better, and finding peace and making new lives. The video is hard to watch, its real and raw. But as painful as some of the visuals are, they are necessary to deliver his message. It’s a source of hope, understanding, and reassurance for his fans, its not pure, but it is good.

Down3r can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music, all of which are linked below, along with his website which contains more information and more great tracks of his.


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