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Viewers tune into the Internet to watch latest TV Episodes!
29 Nov 2012


DJ Central is bringing the newest in Electro Pop, Club, House and Dance hits across an International spectrum direct to your TV screen. The show is featured at 9:30-11PM on Friday nights on the Aurora channel Eastern Daylight Time, Australia and on the Sony Play Station Network. DJ Central provides an insight to the latest and greatest gigs, entertainment, news and music across the globe, aimed at a wide universal market. The show endeavours to reach a new generation of technologically advanced, entertainment fans.

The television industry has been a tough challenge over the latest reviews, with figures showing that viewer’s numbers have been on a steady downwards slope. The US Drama series, ‘Homeland’ starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis has been at the heart of this debate, losing 300,000+ viewers over the span of one season.

However, all is not lost, with a record number of fans heading to new and great lengths to catch their favourite shows through the use of online streaming, downloading and time-shifting. Journalist Michael Idato lists a number of factors greatly changing the way consumers view media, concluding…

“Can the soft numbers really be blamed on piracy? Are audiences time-shifting it to later the week for convenience? Or are we seeing the first significant defecation of traditional television audiences to the internet, where they can see the show on the broadcaster’s website?

The answer, as is often the case, is most likely ‘all of the above’.”Where there is a will there is a way, the ‘DJ Central’ way.

The DJ Central Show and snake content segments are featured on a Friday night on Aurora, a time fitting for Australians entertaining at home, whether it is a gathering or party amongst friends and family or a local DJ performing a set and looking for fresh and inventive material.

Listeners who may be out on a Friday night then have the option of time-shifting the show to a more convenient time suitable to themselves. Time-shifting being the term used to describe recording the show in advanced and ‘shifting’ the time it is viewed.

DJ Central is now being syndicated into 4 countries and will be available on demand on a number of Web TV, Smart TV and IP TV networks around the world. For all the latest news and information on DJ Central check out the website at

The attached article gives the reader a good insight into the rapid shift from tradditional free2air TV to satalite, WEBTV and IPTV networks. The future is hear and moving fast !

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