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Vimeo Launches Music Licensing Store.
30 Sep 2011

The Blue Pie licensing team are very excited over this article from The Music Network Magazine. Vimeo’s new licensing store will open doors and create opportunities in film and television for all of Blue Pie’s amazing artists. We are looking forward to utilising this new platform in the near future.

Here is a segment of the article:

The online video-sharing site Vimeo is launching their own music store to make licensing tracks more affordable.

With the launch of the Vimeo Music Store, the site aims to make downloading music for video content both easier and more affordable for its users. The pricing structure comprises Creative Commons tracks, which are free for anyone to use; paid tracks for personal, non-commercial web use, which cost US$1.99 each; and commercial licenses for professional users, which cost US$98 per track. – by Caitlin Welsh

You can read the whole article HERE!

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