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03 Mar 2016

Filled with singing, dancing, film and spoken word, “Woman Rise Up!/Balance” was a showcase of the power of women and the harmony created between both the feminine and masculine. Hosted by Africa In America, this dedicated magazine has not stopped moving since.

Releasing now its seventh issue in February, all about looking back at a memorable black history month and travelling to Senegal in West Africa, Africa in America has continued its primary role in supporting the community of African based artists and growing awareness of this culture in America.

The creative behind the founding of Africa in America is South Carolina gal, Kara Mack. Choreographer, dancer and singer, Kara is determined to make an impact within the dance and musical domains.

Most recently being involved in the choreography for Kendrick Lamar’s stellar, politically-charged 2016 Grammy performance, but also working for Shakira’s Waka Waka which was used a the official FIFA World Cup song in 2010.

Kara’s latest song “I love you so” is a musical extension to the work that she has already produced. Delicate and soulful but with a distinct African inspired beat throughout, the song is something to serenade a loved one or dance to. Have a listen,

For any more information on Kara Mack, her music or Africa in America Magazine, follow the links below.

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