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Vote for Blow Flyy on My Music My Life!
22 Nov 2012

My Music My Life is an online music website that is driven to providing a platform to promote and provide exposure for unsigned Indie artist, Producers and Musicians.

Each month an artist of the month contest is held, in which December sees Canadian artist  Blow Flyy showcased, with his song “Applause”. By voting you get the opportunity to listen to the artist songs and learn more about the inspiring hip-hop Rapper and his musical influences and unique artistry.


This distinctive musicianship has developed as a result of time spent in the Canadian underground Hip Hop scene and his love for storytelling and poetic lyrics, finding inspiration in his family and current hip hop and rap artist.

Blow Flyy has developed and evolved from originally being motivated by a Hardcore street style of music to a more soulful dancebeat that still resides within the Hip Hop genre. This evolution can be attributed to his detailed study of the music genre, its industry and the internet’s ability to facilitate a widening scope of exposure and endorsement.

Blow Flyy’s original approach to lyric writing has helped to convey his messages and stories in a cerebral yet captivating manner. This evolution has allowed him to capture a whole new audience and retain his original fans in a smooth transition which has proved most beneficial to his music, making him more relevant and entertaining than ever.

Be sure to vote for Blow Flyy on My Music My Life and check out his Official Facebook Page.

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