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Warner And Atlantic Love Franco And The Dreadnought's New Song!
08 Oct 2011

Franco and the Dreadnought will be featured on a new compilation album to be released in December 2011! Don E Productions Presents Heatseekers Volume X  also features Andy Mac, Ekubra Project, Devision, Feritta, Jogyo, Kevin So, Laura Vall, Atris, The Fuse, Luci Cahn, Maggie Kim, Nina Schofield, Sean Delaney, Shakespeare, Qwezt and Vudoo Soul. The album will be available for download soon so watch this space for more news and links as it happens.

Warner Music and Atlantic Records have been sent advance copies of the album and here is what they had to say about our very own Franco and his new song ‘Last Man Standing’:

Warner Music – “A dynamic song and something you don’t hear everyday, he’s different and that’s a good thing.”

Atlantic Records – “OK great song, let me know what else he’s got going over in the UK. That first song is a winner. Keep me up to date!”

To find out more about Franco and the Dreadnought or to listen to ‘Last Man Standing go HERE!


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