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Welcome Marvel's new album "Hadal Zone Express" to the world!
02 Apr 2014

The Swedish barons of high energy rock and roll are back with their latest album “Hadal Zone Express”!

Released last week on March 28th Marvel’s new album has already made some waves with magazines such as Classic Rock Magazine and Rock Hard giving some rippin reviews.

Classic Rock granted the album a respectable 7/10 saying:

“With the Swedish power trio you’re never sure if they are being deliberately funny like The Darkness or are unwittingly tripping over props. Still, if there base camp is big broad Nazareth-like riffs and shredding solos, they reveal a knack for nifty pop-punk hooks, prog detours and an infectious 70s sweetness”

Rock Hard decided the album was worth an 8/10 and more praise was also welcomed from both Rocks magazine and Legacy #2.

The album was born into the world with a kickin’ launch party on the 27th March at The Liffey/Pussy A Go Go surrounded by fans and family. The album is now available on both 12” vinyl and CD and photos from the album launch party are attached below.

Blue Pie would like to send a big old congrats to the guys for the success of their album already!!

To listen to “Hadal Zone Express” on Spotify follow the link below:

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