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Welcoming Koptiq Sun to the Blue Pie Records Family!
22 Sep 2023

In the heart of Kingston, where the rhythms of reggae flow like a steady river, a seasoned virtuoso emerges to illuminate the music scene like never before. Born Geoffrey ‘Star’ Forrest, he carries with him a legacy as deep and vibrant as the roots of his Kingston heritage. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce the man who’s set to light up our world with his music—Koptiq Sun.

Geoffrey ‘Star’ Forrest was destined for greatness from the very beginning, inheriting his musical prowess from none other than his legendary father, Bertram Ranchie’ McLean. Ranchie, whose strings resonated alongside iconic bands like Ja-Man Allstars, Skin, Flesh & Bones, and The Revolutionaries, passed down a musical pedigree that would shape Geoffrey’s journey.

Under the alias Rich Kid, Geoffrey charted his own course in the industry. His melodious sound and songwriting prowess shone brilliantly in tracks such as “I Don’t Know,” “Soulless Soldier,” “Jah Jah Love,” and “I’ve Got Heaven,” all brought to life on the Ingredience label. Collaborations with the likes of Shabba Ranks and Jahmel cemented his versatility and left a decisive impact on the reggae landscape.

Geoffrey’s talents garnered recognition, landing him as a finalist in the prestigious Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s annual Festival song competition (JCDC) in 1998 and the Caribbean Music Expo (CME) in 2002. After the CME, he embarked on a European tour, sharing stages with luminaries such as The Mighty Diamonds, Wayne Wonder, Fred Locks, and Lady Saw.

During this transformative tour, he captured the ear of Brinsley Forde from Aswad, leading to a collaboration that birthed the mesmerizing single “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking.” Drawing inspiration from legends like Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond, and Michael Jackson, Geoffrey blended these influences with a rich palette of R&B, forging a unique and compelling musical identity.

His contributions to Don Corleon’s hit mid-2000s riddims, “Drop Leaf” and “Seasons,” showcased his unmistakable style in tracks like “I’m Sorry” and “Picture Me And You.” But Geoffrey’s artistic evolution was far from over.

In his own words, “I was going through a major spiritual transformation from my previous life and artist career as Geoffrey Star, feeding on electric foods and in pursuit of getting in touch with my higher self. Melodies and words of wisdom bombarded my consciousness demanding actions from my artistic core. There was no escaping!”

And thus, Koptiq Sun was born—a new beginning for an artist already steeped in a legacy of musical greatness. This transformation signifies more than just a change of name; it represents a profound shift in artistic purpose and expression.

Reggae enthusiasts, prepare yourselves for a reinvigorated genre! We are thrilled to announce that Koptiq Sun has joined forces with Blue Pie Records, and the excitement is tangible. Reggae lives and breathes, and with Koptiq Sun’s extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication, this collaboration promises to be a harmonious journey through the heart and soul of reggae music. Stay tuned for the musical magic that’s about to unfold! The future is bright, and the sun is rising on Koptiq Sun’s reggae revolution.

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