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Welcoming Sabrina Di Claudio to the team!
18 Mar 2021

With a passion for music and entertainment running back to the tender age of 9, Sabrina started her career as a Social Media Manager, live music events producer, and press assistant in 2013. Since then her star has truly risen, and she’s spent much of her time on social media. She loves creating and developing digital content and strategies, and every day she lives to expand her horizons! That’s why we’re very glad to welcome her today to the Blue Pie Latin America team! Just look at the enthusiasm behind this band of young highfliers! Sabrina proudly numbers among them.

Previously working as a host for a radio station dedicated exclusively to children, Sabrina is a specialist with appealing to key markets. She has explored niche areas, and has had particular experience with this in 2015 by creating thematic party dedicated to the 90s music world. She acted as the artistic and executive producer of this party, and her adventures didn’t stop there. Just look at some of the excellent work the Latin American team has been doing by clicking here!
She’s seen a lot of what the creative world has to offer, and boasts a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. She’s a go-getter and is always up for the challenges the industry throws her way. This set of unique skills, as well as her passion to seize every opportunity, are assets that our social media team can’t do without!
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