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Why'd the blonde climb the chain link fence? Jackie Martling has the answer
03 Mar 2016

If political correctness is your shtick, being offended comes easily to you or hearing dirty jokes is an absolute repellent, look away now! Or really looking away should have begun since the late seventies considering that’s how long Jackie Martling has been in the comedy business. Starting out in a music comedy trio The Off Hour Rockers Martling in 1983 took his ample collection of jokes into radio and television. For the next eighteen years Martling became a fixture in the business, gracing audiences of the Howard Stern Show as the “joke man.”

Whilst on the show and after he left, Jackie continued to expand his comedic repertoire with the indecent, lewd and downright hilarious. Self-producing comedy albums such as What did you expect? and Goin’ Ape! Martling also since 1993 has released six more dirty joke CDs, a DVD (A Safe Distance From Genius) and five joke books including best seller Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling’s Disgustingly Dirty Joke Book. Jackie also released an app in 2009 called the Jackie Button, which currently houses the more g-rated jokes and sounds from the Joke Man’s own collection.

Today you can find Jackie still touring as a stand-up comedian, currently performing in shows across America and stay very present on social media. With over thirty-five thousand followers, Martling likes to tweet out a joke every day as a reminder that collection of jokes still has yet to be used up.

To have a laugh and retweet a joke or curious about more of his work check out the links below.

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